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Over 100 creative drawing suggestions (with printable)

Drawing is a great way to relax and practice our creative skills.

However, sometimes we can simply run out of drawing ideas.

Here is a list of various drawing instructions to help you get back to drawing and inspire you to draw a few random things that you would not have thought of drawing before.

Drawing from a random word is a great way to exercise my own creativity.

I also like to combine random words or things into one drawing to create something a little different. Feel free to do this if you want, whether it’s another word from a prompt or just a random one that pops into your head.

I hope these instructions will help you expand your drawing ideas!

We tried to include different requests, from the simplest to the most creatively unique, which can be more challenging.

I hope you find one that works for what you feel like 🙂

We have also included a printable version (pdf) of these lists at the bottom of the blog post. I hope this helps you!

Urges for drawing nature

1. The mountains

2. Waterfall

3. Flowers

4. Clouds

5. Tree branch

6. Pair of birds

7. Wolf or lion

8. Butterfly

9. Rain

10. Fish

11. Crystal

12. Leaf

13. River

14. Mushroom

15. Sun.

16. Whale

17. Vine

18. Dog or cat

19. Tree

20. Frog

21. Shell

22. Vulcan

23. Insect

24. Cactus

25. Ghinda

Draw your favorite …

1. Character (TV show, movie, book, cartoons, game, etc.)

2. Place in the world

3. Food

4. Person or people

5. Flower

6. Product

7. Animal

8. Fruits

9. Pair of shoes

10. Type of weather

11. Vegetable

12. Hobby or Work to do

13. Mode of transport

14. Snack

15. Drink

Request to draw the original character

Feel free to create a different character for each prompt or create a new character using all the requests together.

Draw an original character with …

1. A tail

2. Wings

3. A tattoo or scar

4. Eyes of different colors

5. Horns, halo or sparks

6. Gloves or boots

7. Animal ears or elf ears

8. Fangs or claws

9. Headphones, headband, necklace, belt or scarf

10. Suit, dress, skirt, shorts, T-shirt, sweatshirt and / or cloak

Draw something whimsical

1. Flowers that grow in a strange place

2. Combine two different animals into one

3. A bottle full of something that makes you happy

4. Something is floating in outer space

5. Eyes, moon and stars in one drawing

6. A puddle with something in it

7. Gate to another world

8. Something inside a heart

9. A cloud from which something comes out

10. Draw a dragon

11. A house in the sky

12. Letter or message in a bottle

13. An object with wings

14. The whale in the sky

15. Snowflake

A daily drawing challenge


1. A meal you ate today

2. A cow, horse or sheep

3. A person in your life as a cartoon character

4. The moon and the stars

5. Something inspired by the lyrics of a song you are listening to

6. The eyes

7. Somewhere you want to visit

8. A cartoon character you saw today or recently

9. A product for which you are grateful

10. Something that is your favorite color

11. An animal you saw today

12. Hands or feet

13. Your outfit

14. A jar with something inside

15. Something that scares you

16. Dream house

17. Something that makes you happy or relaxed

18. A face or an emoji

19. Something or an animal that can fly

20. Something you wanted to buy

21. Mythical creature

22. Something from your childhood

23. Flowers

24. Something that starts with the same first letter as your first name

25. Funny or strange animal

26. Urban landscape

27. Something in your room

28. An original character or create your own animal

29. Something soft

30. Ocean, river or waterfall

31. Draw something hot or cold

Funny drawing ideas Prompt


1. A potato with a stupid girl

2. A superhero wearing a ballet skirt

3. A rabbit with long legs

4. A lazy or sleepy animal

5. An animal wearing a food suit

6. A dancing animal

7. A bear that cools in a pool

8. A man and a bug combined

9. An animal with a mustache

10. A donut wearing clothes

Printable drawing prompt

Here is the printable version of this blog post in pdf format.

Below you can see what will be included in the download or feel free to save the images below if you just want to see them from your mobile device.

nature drawing prompt animals
draw your favorite drawing prompt
prompt original drawing of the character
prompt drawing fun
promptly challenge the day of the drawing
stupid funny drawing prompt

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this list of drawing suggestions, whether you’re looking for inspiration, practicing drawing, or trying to get past a creative block.

If you are also looking for examples of drawing things, do not hesitate to look on my blog for many other drawing ideas.

I hope you have a wonderful day or night and see you next time! Keep drawing!

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