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How to combat bad breath effectively

The bad smell of the mouth (halitosis) is a problem that slows down your personal and work relationships. It can be due to many causes such as not brushing your teeth. But it can also be due to diseases in the mouth such as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). Let’s see how to combat bad breath.

Other diseases that have halitosis as a symptom are diabetes, liver malfunction, gastric ulcer, mouth sores, kidney or respiratory problems, etc.


There are also certain foods such as onions, garlic, sausages and fish that can cause bad breath, says Vicente Aguilera, an expert in natural medicine. But whatever its origin, be aware that you have a serious problem. Here are several natural remedies.



mint infusion

Counteracts the bad smell of some plants such as garlic and onion. For this prepare an infusion of a teaspoon of dried plant for each glass of water. Take two glasses daily, for nine days.

parsley juice

Crush one or two sprigs of parsley and take three tablespoons (the small ones for coffee) a day, after breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Ideally, you should drink this juice on a full stomach so that it does not burn you. Repeat the treatment for five days.

Aniseed chew

Keep a few small anise seeds handy and chew on them for a while, after eating and brushing your teeth. You can also prepare an infusion and drink after meals.


It will remove the bad smell when it comes to oral infection. For this, it is enough to prepare an infusion with the plant and rinse on an empty stomach and before going to sleep.

Drink plenty of plain water throughout the day, this will reduce the bad smell in your mouth and help you produce more saliva. You can also chew on a piece of tangerine peel.

sage in infusion

Due to its bactericidal properties, sage is ideal for eliminating these microorganisms. For this reason, it is advisable to rinse your mouth (in the morning and at night), with the infusion of a tablespoon of dried plant for each glass of water. Repeat the treatment for 15 days.

thyme rinse

It is useful when inflammations and sores appear in the mouth. Make rinses with the infusion, put water to boil and when it is boiling remove from heat, add two or three sprigs of thyme, cover and leave for 20 minutes. Then take the plant out and let cool.

rosemary in juice

This is another very useful medicinal plant. Extract the juice of two branches of the fresh plant and mix half a teaspoon in a glass of water. With this mixture, make mouthwashes, after each brushing.

Cinnamon decoction

It has the property of preventing the development of bacteria in the mouth. Prepare a cinnamon decoction, for this put two cinnamon sticks in a liter of water and let it boil for half an hour until the cinnamon releases its aroma. Reserve this preparation and rinse with warm water, at least twice a day, for 15 days.

The dill to chew

Buy a few branches of dill at the stalls of medicinal plants in the markets and have them at your workplace. When you feel that your problem is increasing, chew some dill seeds, this will help to remove the bad smell.

Ginger another option

Cut a very thin slice of this root and put it in a little vinegar, leave it for a few minutes and then chew it. Of course, first brush your teeth and then do this, keep the root in your mouth as long as possible, it will taste a bit spicy but it will help with your problem.

apple helps too

This fruit is a natural toothpaste. The recipe is that you chew a piece of apple or eat a fruit daily on an empty stomach if you have this problem of bad breath. Of course, this fruit should in no way replace daily brushing with toothpaste. It is only useful for emergencies and not for long.



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