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Drinks to detoxify the body and lose weight

While you sleep, the body carries out internal processes that help you have a healthy life. One of these processes is the release of hormones, breaking down toxins that you ingest during the day, among others. Fortunately there are drinks to detoxify the body that help your body to perform these tasks and burn fat which will make you lose weight.


Chamomile allows you to fall asleep effectively, as well as helping you lose weight. Its antioxidants deflate the stomach and help to process food more quickly and effectively.

Warm Water with Lemon

drinks to detoxify the body - Warm Water with Lemon

Warm lemon water is most effective at night. Hormones released by the body at night, such as cortisol, are controlled with vitamin C, included in the lemon, and thus prevent accumulation of fat in the abdomen. In addition, this drink will help you cleanse the blood and process food better.

Ginger with Lemon

drinks to detoxify the body - Ginger with Lemon

Ginger is excellent for detoxifying as it works as a natural digestive and is also anti-inflammatory. It will help you fight body fat, eliminate toxins from processed foods and additionally decrease the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Warm Water with Mint

Mint, in addition to having a pleasant aroma, will help reduce inflammation in the digestive system and reduce anxiety about eating. It will help you to be satisfied when you eat and in this way it will prevent you from overeating.

Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is an excellent natural relaxant, it also has antioxidant properties that prevent fat from depositing in the veins. Drinking cinnamon tea before bed will help you control bad cholesterol levels and improve your digestion by eliminating gas.

With these drinks you will be able to detoxify the body effectively and more easily, which will also help you lose weight.



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