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Art supplies I use

I use a lot of different art materials here on this blog and I wanted to create a blog post where my readers can find out what art materials I use in my drawings and paintings.

I buy art supplies from various stores, either online or in person.

I will try to include where I bought the item from if I remember.

I hope you find this useful and enjoy!

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If you’re wondering what sketchbook or paper I’m using for my drawings, this is it Canson Mixed Media sketchbook.

I really like this sketchbook because the paper is not as thin as the sketchbooks.

I get mine from Michaels or Walmart (if they have one). It is also available on Amazon if you prefer to buy it online.

sketchbooks art supplies canson grumbacher

For my watercolor paintings and gouache on paper I use Canson watercolor sketchbook.

It is even thicker than paper for mixed media, so it is perfect for environments that use water.

I also used Grumbacher Watercolor Sketchbook, but I prefer Canson, because Grumbacher has a more pronounced texture than paper.

Canson is not smooth (still cold pressed), but the texture is not as obvious.

However, it all comes down to personal preferences.

Below is a photo I took to show the texture comparison.

comparison watercolor paper grumbacher canson

The Grumbacher is also a slightly brighter white in person.

Both, however, are quite close in color.

In the photo, the Grumbacher is closer to the window, so it looks much brighter.

Black ink pen

Many of my drawings are created using black ink pens, and the ones I mainly use and love are Sakura Pigma Micron pens.

I got it from a set on Amazon.

I primarily use sizes 02 and 03 in my drawings, however they change depending on the size of the drawing and the amount of work in detail.

sakura pigma micron pen art supplies black ink

The sketchbook I used in the photo above was one I took from Walmart for drawing and sketching.

I think it’s from Royal & Langnickel.


Usually, I will create a pencil sketch of my drawings before creating the final drawing using ink pens.

The pencil I use is Zebra M-301 with 0.5 mm lead.

I probably bought mine from Walmart some time ago, but it is available on Amazon also. It is quite affordable.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find a eraser that does not leave streaks.

So, here’s my favorite eraser that I use for my pencil drawings.

I use They attacked Pentel Hi-Polymer.

I bought mine from Walmart, but I think I sell it at various stores that sell office supplies.


The camera I use to photograph my drawings and artwork is Canon G7X Mark II.

I bought mine from Best Buy, but it is available on Amazon.

I also used it to make videos that I use in my Youtube videos in the past.

I really like this room because it is quite easy to use and I like the warm colors it captures.

The downside I would say is that it doesn’t have an external microphone, but I think the newer version (Canon G7X Mark III) from this room does.

Also, when the camera focuses automatically, you can hear the camera focus automatically if you make a video and the environment is very quiet.

Other than that, I can’t think of many disadvantages of this room. It’s a pretty good basic room if you’re looking for it.

Drawing software

I use Adobe Photoshop to create all my digital drawings and do general photo editing work.

2-in-1 laptop

I use a 2-in-1 laptop to create my digital drawings and for any use of the computer.

A 2-in-1 laptop can act as both a laptop and a tablet (drawing).

The reason I bought a 2-in-1 laptop was to be able to create digital drawings directly on my laptop, instead of buying a separate drawing tablet. It is very handy.

The laptop I have is Lenovo Yoga 730.

Honestly, I can’t say that I recommend this laptop because there have been / are more annoying problems with this laptop.

For example, in the beginning the internet was constantly interrupted, so I had to download a new driver or something. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I fixed it after a lot of investigation.

The Lenovo pen that comes with this laptop no longer works constantly and you need to unscrew and screw the battery side of the pen to make it work again. Maybe he’s just getting older?

The laptop fan also becomes noisy.

However, despite its disadvantages – it helps me create art, so I’m grateful for that!

I think this laptop is no longer available, but we hope that later models do not have the problems that this model has.


The colored pencils I use to color them sometimes in my drawings are Cra-Z-Art pack of 24 colored pencils.

I can’t find them exactly on Amazon, but I think I bought mine from Walmart.

I think they are made for children, but I am happy with them, because they give me a good amount of colors and I don’t really need professional-colored crayons.

Gouache paint

The gouache paint set I used in some of my posts on my painting blog is Jelly Miya Himi Gouache paint set in the yellow case.

I also wrote here a detailed review of this gouache set if you are interested.

Overall, I really like this gouache set and I think it’s a lot of fun to paint with it!

himi miya jelly paint gouache

Acrylic paint

I have a LOT of acrylic paints because I used to create a lot of abstract paintings.

Nowadays I focus on my blog, but I still have the paints whenever I feel like painting 🙂

The brands I like are Golden, Liquitex, Derivan Mattise, Amsterdam, Winsor & Newton and Holbein.

I get most of my paints from Michaels, Blick, Utrecht or Hobby Lobby.

Acrylic paints can be quite expensive, but you can find great deals if you wait and buy during sales or during the liquidation period.

Watercolor palette

Whenever I feel like using watercolor paints, I like to use them Sakura Koi watercolor palette.

What I like about this palette is that it has a variety of colors included and comes with a refillable watercolor brush.

This makes it a great travel kit for anyone who wants to paint on the go.

I like to use it because I don’t have to take so many supplies to start watercolor painting.

Basically, I just need this palette, watercolor paper, a paper towel and some water in the brush to get started.

sakura koi watercolor palette

Paper cutter

Sometimes I will cut my paper into small sizes using a guillotine paper cutter from Swingline.

I got mine from Walmart, but it is available on Amazon here.

It’s pretty handy. Even my brothers use this for their paper cutting needs.

I only cut 1 piece of paper at a time, so I can’t say if it would work great for cutting 10 sheets at a time.

However, I have had this paper cutter for at least 4 years now (since 2022) and the blade has not blunted. It is still cut very smoothly.

It is also very safe. It has a locking mechanism for when you don’t use it and I never cut my hand with it. I realize it was made for safety.

swingline paper cutting guillotine

It is also kind of fun and satisfying to cut paper with this ^^


I like to buy my larger sails from Michaels whenever they have sales or offers.

I find out about these sales by subscribing to their email promotion list.

I like Canvas Artist Loft Level 1.

I don’t buy the upper levels because they are more expensive and I like stapling the back so I can remove the sails from the wooden frame if I want.

Tip: When buying canvas, be sure to check all sides and corners of the canvas and wooden frame for damage.

I really like Michael’s Artist Loft canvases because they are not cheap quality, I don’t see damage often, and the canvases are a pleasant painting experience.

I don’t like it when the cloth and plaster are too rough, but that’s my personal preference.

I also buy canvas panels or mini canvases from wherever I find them (even Walmart wears them).

They are also pleasant to paint for smaller works.

Thank you so much for switching to this blog post!

I will continue to add more art materials to this blog post as I discover more things to draw, paint and create with! (or if I just forgot to add it to this list)

I hope this list has been helpful to those who have wondered what art materials they use in their blog posts.

Feel free to take a look at the blog for creative inspiration, whether it’s drawing or painting ideas.

And I wish you a wonderful day or night!

Keep creating and have fun!

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