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60+ Small Tattoos That Not Even Your Mom Will Hate

We present you the best ideas of small tattoos that your mother will hardly even notice, but if she notices them she will not hate them. So we invite you to see these charming mini tattoos, surely you will want to have one of them. Next, 60+ tattoos so small even your mom won’t hate them.

Minimalist Heart Tattoos

Tiny Tattoo of a small phrase

Flying birds and minimalist bird

On the finger something small with which you feel identified

A little butterfly will not displease your mother

A small tattoo behind the ear is pleasing to the eye.

A tiny cross tattoo

Small tattoos will make you look very sensual

Mini tattoos that you can wear on the arm

Symbols on the fingers that you can easily hide

Mini tattoo on the neck or nape

A small butterfly tattoo on the shoulder or back of the arm

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Small Finger Tattoos



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