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30 easy drawing ideas of the month

I create a lot of drawings with months in them so I decided to make a blog post dedicated to the ideas of drawings with the moon.

Moons are such a simple thing to draw, but they add an element of dreaming and aesthetic beauty to your art.

I hope this inspires you to add even more months to your doodles!

Drawing tip: I recommend that you first create a pencil sketch of your drawing. Then, if you want, you can go over that sketch with an ink pen. Then wipe the sketch underneath once the ink dries.

Also, if it helps – use a round object to help you draw a circle (roll of washi tape or the base of a cup).

Honestly, I think it’s okay if the shape of the moon isn’t perfect, because it gives a more hand-drawn feeling 🙂 I hope this helps!

And most of all, enjoy the scribble!

1. Crescent

Let’s start by drawing a crescent. Below are a few different styles to draw them.

the drawing of the crescent

2. The Full Moon

Next, let’s practice drawing a full month.

I created the drawing below using a pencil. Create craters by creating darker round shadows in your circle.

sketch with full moon drawing in pencil

3. The Moon and the Sun.

This drawing idea is from the other blog post of my 40 simple tattoo ideas.

I combined the moon and the sun into one drawing doodle idea.

monthly sun drawing

4. The moon and the clouds

Below is a pencil drawing of the moon and clouds.

light moon cloud drawing

5. Nice moon

Here’s a nice drawing idea of ​​the month to try and!

cute doodle drawing with moon

6. See the ocean

Here is a drawing of a side view of the dock of the moon and the sea.

dock moon horizon big drawing

7. Door

Here’s a simple doodle idea of ​​a door to the moon.

moon door design

8. The moon and stars

Next, let’s draw the moon and the stars! I added various types of stars for some variations.

drawing the stars of the moon

9. The sleeping moon

Below is a simple doodle idea about the moon taking a nap.

good night moon drawing eyes

10. The Moon and the Mountains

Here’s a cool drawing idea of ​​the moon and some mountains in its shadow.

drawing the mountains of the moon

11. Moon and wind

Here is a drawing of the moon blowing in the wind towards some stars.

drawing of the wind blowing the moon

12. Luna Molie

Have you ever seen a moth Moon? Here is a drawing of one resting on the moon.

luna molie desen moon

13. Fish and the Moon

This little doodle is from the other post on my blog 20 easy fish drawing ideas.

moon fish drawing

14. Moon and Rose

Next, let’s draw a rose that grows from the moon. This drawing idea is from the other post on my blog 15 ideas for light rose designs.

drawing with the rose of the moon

15. Phases of the Moon

Here’s a little idea of ​​drawing an outdoor campsite under the different phases of the month.

phases of the moon drawing tent outdoors

16. The Moon and the Arrow

Here’s a quick little doodle of the moon shot by an arrow.

It reminds me of Artemis, who is the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting.

moon arrow drawing artemis

17. Moon with Eyes

Here is another drawing of the moon with a pair of eyes.

sun eyes moon drawing

18. The moon and mushrooms

This drawing idea is from another post on my blog 20 Easy Mushroom Drawing Ideas.

drawing with monthly mushrooms

19. Star fishing

Here’s a whimsical drawing idea with someone fishing for stars.

fishing for stars monthly drawing

20. Suspended stars

Next, let’s draw some stars hanging from the moon.

hanging moon drawing stars

21. Moon and vine

Here’s a cool drawing idea of ​​the moon with vines growing in its shade.

moon and vine drawing growing shadow

22. The moon in the window

Let’s draw a window with the moon right outside.

drawing with the window of the moon

23. Ghost of skateboarding

Here’s a fun drawing idea of ​​a ghost skateboarding on the moon.

ghost skateboarding moon

24. In a heart

Below is a simple doodle of a heart with the moon inside.

The drawing was inspired by a story I heard about Natsume Soseki telling one of his students that in Japanese, the saying “The moon is beautiful, isn’t it?” it is a subtle, poetic way of saying “I love you.”

doodle heart of the moon

25. Cat and Moon

Here’s a cute little doodle of cat and moon combined.

moon cat drawing

26. The moon in a bowl of fish

Here is a unique drawing idea of ​​a fish jumping out of a bowl of fish, with the moon and stars inside.

lunar bowl drawing

27. Holding the Moon

Here is a good drawing idea for those who want to practice hand drawing as well.

Let’s draw a pair of hands holding the moon.

drawing with the hands of the moon

28. The moon in a drop of dew

When I was creating these moon drawings, I remembered Dogen’s Moon in a drop of dew and decided to create a little drawing inspired by him.

dogen moon in a dewdrop drawing

29. The moon in a bottle

Here’s a great idea for drawing the moon and stars in a bottle.

drawing the moon in a bottle

30. Goddess of the Moon

Here is my interpretation of what a moon goddess would look like.

woman goddess of the moon drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed this list of drawing ideas with the moon and found something that piqued your creative interest 🙂

Please feel free to comment below and share what drawing idea you liked or tried!

If you are interested in more drawing ideas, do not hesitate to take a look at the blog, because there are many others.

I wish you a wonderful day or night and see you next time! Have fun drawing!

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