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25 easy star drawing ideas

I like to draw anything with a space theme!

That’s why I decided to create another list of drawing ideas: This time, light star drawing ideas for beginner artists.

I have included simple doodles, drawings with step-by-step instructions and creative drawing ideas in this blog post.

I hope you find a star drawing idea that will interest you and inspire you to draw as many stars as you want!

Drawing tip: Start by sketching your drawing with a pencil. Then you can go over the sketch with a pen and wipe the sketch underneath once the ink dries (if you want).

Above all, have fun drawing!

If you would like to use one of the drawings here on this blog post on social media, blog or Youtube channel, please leave the source and a link back to this blog post. Thanks πŸ™‚

1. The five-pointed cross star

Let’s start this blog post with a simple step-by-step guide on how to draw a five-pointed star.

I think this is the star that many of us learn to draw when we are young.

And I think this is a fun doodle to draw!

five-pointed star drawing step by step

2. Five-pointed stars

Let’s draw another type of five-pointed star.

You can also draw this star as a single line, but it definitely takes practice ^^

It is also very gratifying when you gradually improve to draw these stars.

five-pointed star

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw the stars above.

star with five corners step by step

3. Stars with faces

Here is a doodle idea to draw stars with faces on them from another post on my blog 50 cute and easy to draw things.

drawing star faces

4. The night sky

Let’s continue to draw a beautiful starry night sky πŸ™‚

moon clouds stars drawing

5. The shooting star

Here is a simple doodle of a shooting star!

shooting star drawing

6. The Door of the Stars

Here’s a simple drawing idea of ​​an open door that leads to some stars.

drawing the stars of the door

7. Starry light bulb

Then draw a light bulb with stars inside.

drawing with star bulb

8. Camping Starry

I’ve never been camping in a tent before, but it must be great to sleep right under the night sky.

Here is a small ink drawing of a campsite under the stars hanging from the sky.

camping tent drawing outdoors camping

9. The star with 4 corners

Let’s also create a simple star drawing with 4 corners in our doodle collection.

I hope this step-by-step guide to the drawing below will help you ^^

four-cornered star drawing

10. Fancy Star

Here’s a way to make your 4-cornered star design more elegant!

fantastic star drawing

11. The star with sunglasses

Let’s draw a star wearing sunglasses still on our doodle page.

star with drawing sunglasses

12. The cat that plays with a star

I like to draw cats, so here’s an adorable cat playing with a drawing star.

cat star drawing

13. Stars and mountains

Here is a drawing with stars over some mountains from another article in my blog 30 aesthetic drawing ideas.

drawing falling mountain star

14. UFO

Here’s a funny drawing idea of ​​a UFO flying in a starry sky.

UFO drawing light space

15. Star Flower

I like to draw flowers, so I decided to create a star-shaped flower.

star flower drawing

16. Thoughts when you look at the stars

Here’s another simple idea for drawing stars in the sky.

Feel free to add your own thoughts to your drawing – These are just thoughts I have sometimes.

Simple star drawing we will find one day

17. Raining stars

Let’s draw a rain cloud – but instead it’s raining stars.

Rainy stars draw a rain cloud

18. Polaroid drawing

Here is a spatial polaroid drawing to add to your drawing collection

Polaroid star drawing space travel

19. Cool 3D star

Let’s still draw a 3D star … or the star you see on top of the Christmas trees.

I found this type of drawing star particularly fun πŸ™‚

five-pointed star drawing

20. Stretching towards the stars

Let’s create a drawing of someone climbing a ladder to reach the stars.

stars drawing the ladder reaching

21. Capybara on a star

My brother showed me a capybara meme and inspired me to create this little doodle of a capybara on a star.

capybara riding star drawing

22. Starfish

Of course, I had to add a big star drawing to this list!

drawing of starfish

23. Round stars

Let’s also draw some five-pointed stars with rounded edges.

It gives them a soft, cute look πŸ™‚

round stars drawing doodles

24. Starry glasses

Here’s a fun drawing idea with someone wearing starry glasses.

drawing star glasses

25. Star doodles

Let’s cover a sketchbook or a doodle page with a bunch of different doodles!

Easy drawing of star doodles

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Thank you so much for switching to this blog post!

I hope you found some interesting and easy star drawing ideas to try in your sketchbook or doodle page!

Feel free to take a look around this blog for more drawing and painting ideas.

And I wish you a wonderful day or night and see you next time!

Have fun drawing ~

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