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25 cute and easy bear drawing ideas

Hello all!

I drew a lot these days and I wanted to share with you some nice and simple bear drawing ideas to try in your sketchbook or doodle page.

Drawing is a great way to relax and unwind for a day, so I hope you enjoy it.

My advice for drawing is to start with a pencil sketch. Then you can examine your sketch with an ink pen or simply leave it as is, if you wish.

Try not to worry too much about how perfect your drawing is because the more you draw, the better you will become 🙂

Good! Let’s move on to the drawing now! To have fun!

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1. The bear’s face

Let’s start this blog post with a simple drawing of a bear’s face.

It looks up, but there will be more ideas for bear faces to draw as we move forward in the blog post 🙂

drawing with the face of a bear

2. The standing bear

Here’s an adorable but simple drawing idea of ​​a standing bear.

simple drawing standing bear

3. The Seated Bear

Then let’s draw a seated bear.

bear line drawing

4. Bear doodle

If you are looking for a quick doodle session, try this brown bear drawing idea. I colored it using colored pencils.

drawing doodle bears

5. The Bear Family

Here’s a cute drawing of a bear family to try on your doodle page.

the drawing of the bear family

6. Draw bear step by step

This step-by-step bear drawing is from a previous blog post I created that can be found here.

drawing bear step by step

7. The Mochi Bear

Here’s a cute bear drawing that looks like a mochi shape. I was just trying to draw a bear out of a blob shape ^^ ”

simple drawing bear

8. The bear with glasses

Here’s a cute drawing of a bear wearing glasses.

bear with drawing glasses

9. The black bear

Here is an adorable drawing of a black bear face using a black pen.

The black ink pen I always use in my drawing blog posts are Sakura Pigma Micron pens that I took from Amazon here.

black bear drawing

10. The potato bear

Here’s a fun and quick doodle idea of ​​a bear drawn from a kind of potato shape.

simple bear doodle

11. Panda bear

Next, let’s draw a panda bear! Here are two small examples of doodles.

panda bear drawing

12. The star-watching bear

Here is a drawing of a bear looking at the moon and drawing stars.

bear looking at the drawing stars

13. The polar bear

Here’s a cute polar bear wearing a scarf to draw.

drawing of polar bear

14. Gum bears

Next, let’s draw some delicious gummy bears!

drawing of gummy bears

15. vuiet. Or Casca?

I drew this doodle of a bear either roaring or yawning.

roar bear yawning drawing

16. Playful teddy bear

Here is a fun and playful teddy bear that you can still draw in your sketchbook or on your doodle page.

cute drawing bear

17. The Butterfly Bear

Here is another adorable bear drawing, this time wearing a bow tie 🙂

drawing butterfly bear

18. Teddy bear

Here is a drawing of a teddy bear to draw.

I didn’t color it, but don’t hesitate to color yours in any way you like 🙂

lineart drawn teddy bear

19. The sleeping bear

Let’s draw a bear that just wants to sleep soon.

cute sleeping drawing bear

20. The bear with sunglasses

I like to draw animals with sunglasses in the blog posts, so here is our little bear friend wearing a pair.

sunglasses wear cool design

21. Dumpster Diving Bear

From time to time, I hear stories about bears sinking in the dumpster or wreaking havoc in neighborhoods, so here’s a doodle inspired by it.

dumpster diving bear drawing

22. The Wizard Bear

Let’s draw a bear that knows magic!

magic bear wizard drawing

23. The Bear of the Sun.

When I went to the zoo as a child, for some reason, the Sun Bear left an impression on me. They are so weird and cute!

sun bear drawing

24. Cute teddy bear

Here’s another cute drawing idea for the bear, in case you need more!

cute bear drawing

25. The bear holding a heart

Let’s end this blog post with a drawing of a bear holding a heart.

bear holding a heart

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Thank you so much for switching to this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed it and found some nice bear drawing ideas that piqued your interest to start drawing.

I have many more drawing and painting ideas here on my blog, so feel free to look around!

I hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are and until next time!

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