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22 easy cloud drawing ideas

I’m so happy that the clouds exist – They’re so beautiful, swollen and soothing to look at.

In addition, it gives us interesting things to experience, such as rain, snow and storms 🙂 (as long as they are not too extreme!)

That’s why I decided to draw clouds in today’s blog post!

Here is a small collection of simple cloud drawing ideas to try in your sketchbook or doodle page.

I feel like we’re all trying to draw clouds in the end – so we’ve included some creative ways to draw clouds! For a little twist of a simple cloud doodle.

Now, let’s move on to the drawings! I hope you like it!

1. Draw step by step

Let’s start with a simple, step-by-step presentation on how to draw a simple cloud.

Step 1 is essentially to draw the shape of your cloud. There are so many drawing styles, so feel free to draw any cloud shape you like 🙂

Step 2 is just adding small details in the cloud, such as swollen lines.

Step 3 is adding shadows to the bottom of your cloud and wherever you want, depending on the light source.

Easy step-by-step drawing in the cloud

You can use these steps as a basic guide to any other drawings you create.

2. Cloud shapes

Here are some different shapes and styles in which you can draw your cloud.

I used a combination of a black ink pen to outline the clouds, a pencil to create shadows and a colored pencil to color the sky.

light cloud drawing

3. The moon and the clouds

This pencil drawing is from another post on my blog, 30 light drawing ideas of the month.

I really liked how the clouds came out in this drawing!

moon clouds drawing

4. Cute Raincloud

Here is a nice drawing I created that shows the transition from a cloud to a rain cloud.

cute doodle raincloud

5. Mountains and clouds

I like to draw mountains, so here is a simple drawing of mountains surrounded by clouds.

drawing of mountain clouds

6. Open the Door

Here is a simple drawing made using a pen with black ink and colored pencils of a door to the sky.

cloud door drawing the sky

7. Partly cloudy

Let’s draw the sun hidden behind a cloud in our sketchbook!

drawing of sun cloud

8. Always in the clouds

I wanted to make a doodle inspired by the saying “Head in the clouds”.

my head is always in the clouds drawing

9. Street light and clouds

Here’s a great drawing idea with a lamp that illuminates the clouds.

drawing street lamp cloud

10. The nature scene

Here is a drawing of a nature scene with a bunch of big swollen clouds.

cloud field drawing

11. Clouds in a box

If we could send clouds to people – It would be loud 🙂

cloud box drawing doodle

12. Planet Cloud

I thought it would be great to draw a cloud-shaped planet, so here it is!

drawing of space cloud planet

13. He wandered alone like a cloud

This drawing with clouds coming out of a polaroid is from the other blog post of my 30 aesthetic drawing ideas.

The proverb at the bottom of the polaroid comes from a poem I wandered alone like a cloud by William Wordsworth.

he wandered alone like a drawn cloud

14. Lightning cloud

Let’s draw a simple doodle with a lightning cloud in our sketchbook 🙂

drawing nor lightning

15. Fast Cloud

Sometimes I like to watch how fast or slow the clouds go in the sky.

fast zoom cloud drawing

16. Computer Cloud

I thought it would be great to draw an old computer with clouds coming out of the screen.

drawing on cloud computer

17. Stretching towards the stars

Here’s a fun drawing idea with someone climbing a ladder to the sky to reach the stars.

stretching out to the stars clouds drawing ladder

18. The shooting star

Here is a drawing of a star falling from the sky, passing through a cloud.

drawing star shooting star

19. Clouds in a jar

Next, let’s draw some clouds in a jar.

drawing clouds in a jar

20. Nor rainbow

This rainbow drawing idea is from the other post on my blog 50 cute and easy to draw things.

rainbow cloud drawing

21. Diving whale

Here’s a great drawing idea of ​​a whale sinking into a cloud.

whale cloud drawing

22. The cat riding on a cloud

I love drawing cats on my blog, so here’s an adorable cat riding on a cloud!

cat riding cloud drawing

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Thank you as always for posting on this blog!

I appreciate all your support and the comments I sometimes receive on my blog. I’m glad you like to scribble!

Feel free to look around for more drawing ideas to try.

I wish you a wonderful day or night wherever you are in the world – And see you next time!

Keep drawing 🙂

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