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21 easy drawing ideas for the house


We came back with some drawing ideas and, this time, to have a little fun drawing some simple homemade doodles.

Drawing houses is a great way to practice drawing, as they usually consist of geometric shapes put together.

In addition, I can help you practice drawing in perspective.

Drawing is a great way to make your mind relax – So I hope you enjoy this little collection of homemade drawings and have fun!

1. Simple houses

Below are some simple house design ideas to help you get started!

simple doodles house

2. Cartier House

Another good way to practice house design is to draw houses in your neighborhood.

simple house drawing

3. The house on a hill

Here is a drawing of a lonely house on top of a hill. What a serene place to live there!

drawing house on a hill

4. Types of Houses

Here are some examples of drawing houses. They all have different roofs 🙂

drawing of homemade doodles

5. Tiny House

Next, let’s draw a nice drawing of a small house on wheels!

drawing a small house

6. Home is where the heart is

Here is a simple and quick doodle of a house with a heart in it.

home heart doodle

7. Windows

Here is a house with a bunch of different windows to help you practice drawing.

Drawing the windows of the house easily

8. The house in the clouds

Here’s a cool but simple drawing idea of ​​a house in the clouds.

house drawing clouds doodle

9. Homemade doodles

These doodles are from the other post on my blog 40 simple small tattoo ideas.

home easy doodles

10. House and Trees

Here is a simple drawing of a house surrounded by trees.

simple house drawing

11. Casa Mare

Next, let’s draw a big house in our sketchbook or on the doodle page!

big house drawing

12. Bird House

We can’t forget our bird friends! Here is a simple drawing of a birdhouse that you can try too!

simple drawing of a bird house

13. Growing a flower

I wanted to incorporate a flower in this drawing, so here is a house with a flower growing from the chimney.

drawing with house flowers

14. Wonky House

Here’s a house drawing that turned out to be a little weird … but still cool.

light homemade drawing

15. Tree house

Let’s draw a house in the tree!

house drawing in the tree

16. The House with the Girl

Sometimes these house designs look like they might have faces on them, so here’s one inspired by that thought.

welcome home drawing face

17. House for dogs

Next, let’s draw a dog house. It came to look like it could be Snoopy’s house

house drawing for dogs

18. Covered House in Vine

The vine-covered houses look so pretty, so here’s a drawing of one!

drawing of homemade vines

19. Floating away

Here’s a drawing of a house carried by a pile of balloons.

homemade doodle with balloons

20. Greenhouses

Here’s a cute little drawing with a greenhouse to try too!

greenhouse drawing lineart illustration

21. Wearing sunglasses

Let’s draw a house wearing sunglasses, just for fun!

drawing with house sunglasses

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Thank you so much for switching to this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these house drawings and found one that you were interested in drawing.

If you are looking for more drawing ideas, feel free to take a look at this blog because there are many more 🙂

I wish you a wonderful day or night and see you next time! Keep drawing!

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