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20 ways to transform old things into elegant ones without spending a lot

When you want positive changes in your home, and “finances are not enough”, you should find a way to remodel and transform old things into elegant ones, plus a good cleaning. These 20 inspiring examples will certainly help you transform old furniture into stylish ones without significant expense.

1. Give life to that old furniture

Many people, for different reasons, have inherited old furniture, but it should not be immediately thrown in the dump.  Your attention is drawn to the original tips, which will help to transform the nondescript bedside table into stylish and modern furniture.

2. An elegant chair with unusual black and white upholstery, simplicity and luxury at the same time.

An elegant chair with an unusual light black upholstery combines simplicity and luxury at the same time.

3. Divide the space with conventional strings

Stylish interroom cable baffle, which will visually divide the space and at the same time will not take up much space, which is perfect for a small room.

4. Fantastic lamps for the room, made with colored ropes and plastic bottles

The fantastic room lamps, made from underwear ropes and plastic bottles, fill any room with dim light and will create an atmosphere of romance and mystery.

5. Take paper, scissors, glue, cardboard and make an amazing chandelier for the living room

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6. Original and modern lamp with ordinary colored pencils.

To make an original and modern lampshade for a floor lamp with your own hands, you can use ordinary colored pencils, as well as any other improvised means.

7. Wooden shelves for flowers and plants

For lovers of unusual and interesting crafts, wooden shelves for flowers and house plants are offered for consideration, which can be easily made by hand.

8. Original decoration of pots for the children’s room

Unexpected, but quite interesting and budgetary solution - the original decoration of a flower pot for a children's room.

9. A wooden stool that you can easily make

A very stable and boring wooden stool of an unusual shape, which can be easily made by hand.

10. Conventional satin ribbons intertwined to make an incredibly elegant table lamp.

Conventional satin ribbons, intertwined in a staggered order, and made of them jentilnye bows can give the table lamp an incredibly elegant look.

11. A spectacular bench in the entrance hall from an old wooden cabinet

A banquet in the entrance hall from an old wooden pedestal is an interesting alternative to benches and chairs, giving a special charm and sophistication to any modern interior.

12. Thanks to a new paint and upholstery, the old chair became a real modern art object

Thanks to the new paint and upholstery, the old threadbare chair has turned into a real design art object, which will really surprise guests and will always please the owners.

13. Old interior doors used in a very original new way

Never rush to dismantle old boring interior doors and change them to new ones.

14. Mini closet from an old suitcase

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15. Coffee table from an old trunk

From the old trunk you can get a wonderful coffee table, which will be the central element in the interior of the living room.

16. A professional redesign of furniture without additional costs or loss of identity

Professional redesign of the old console will improve the appearance of the furniture without additional costs and loss of corporate identity.

17. Beautiful wooden shelves to decorate the interior

Thanks to the high-quality paint and beautiful fabric finish, the wooden shelves took on a completely new and modern look.

18. Wooden shelves in the form of a Christmas tree

A small wooden shelter in the form of a tree with three shelves, on which you can arrange beautiful New Year's figures or hang a garland of lights.

19. Tire covered with a rope -> original armchair

An interesting version of the transformation of the old car tire, which will decorate any interior.

20. A torch for the garden from a water pipe

An interesting idea of ​​​​using a hookah is a simple but original torch that will become a real highlight on your dacha site.

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