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20 Great Jewelry Box Ideas to Store Your Accessories

If you are one of those who like to have a lot of jewelry, accessories and clothes, you surely want an exclusive place to store them. To do this, we bring you the most beautiful jewelry boxes to store your accessories for your room and that will serve as decoration. Also, you can make them yourself at home with wood, corks or glass containers. Look at these ideas that you will surely love!

Many times we do not remember where we put an accessory or perhaps the one you want to use is tangled with another. That is why jewelers are so necessary to store accessories. In addition, with them you can give your room a beautiful ornament that will serve as decoration.

jewelry bottles

#9 Put some hooks on the shelves and take advantage of the space

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jewelry shelves

#10 You can buy this type of board at the hardware store

joyeros diy

With some toys to make a fun jewelry box.

organized jewelry

Imagine how cute this would look on your desk.

funny jewelry boxes

Your dream catchers have a double function.

dream catcher jewelry box

The boxes will serve for earrings and rings.

jewelry box

Super cheap and simple, there is no excuse not to have one of these.

Any frame is an excellent option. Use twine and small clothespins to hold your accessories.

jewelry boxes

You will always have them at hand and they will pimp up your room.



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