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20 Fabulous Reasons to Own a Dog

Simply put, dogs are amazing. Whether they’re begging for food, barking for you to take them for walks, or just saying hello when you come home. Dogs do the little things that make our day. For this and more, dogs are and will always be man’s best friends. Let’s see the reasons to have a dog.

#1 They are always there for you.

Young girl and dog staring at each other

#2 Dogs can feel your emotions

#3 They are your guardians

Image result

#4 They behave like human beings and are not concerned about their physical aspects

Image result for dog running gif

#5 You can educate them and they will learn.

Image result for obedient dogs

#6 If you want they sleep with you.

Image result for sleeping with the dog

#7 Dogs are great motivators

#8 They are always happy when you come home.

#9 They play with you.

Image result for dogs on the beach playing

#10 Unconditional love.

#11 They are very funny.

#12 Dogs are really smart!

#13 They accompany you on the beach.

Image result for funny dogs on the beach

#14 They entertain you at all times!

#15 kiss you! Another reason to have a dog!

Image result for dog best friend

#16 They listen to you and accompany you at all times

Image result for dog best friend

#17 You can hug them…

Image result for dog hug

#18 They will never let you eat alone

#19 You can dress them.

Image result for beauty dog

#20 ysalways your best friend….

Image result for dog the best fried human



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