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16 easy computer drawing ideas

Hello all!

I wanted to draw something a little different today than my regular animals and nature-inspired drawings, so I decided to draw computers in today’s blog post.

Computers are a great way to practice drawing for beginner artists, as they consist mostly of straight lines and have a rectangular shape.

I usually don’t wake up drawing computers, so this was a good practice for me too!

I’ve included drawings of modern computers, retro PCs, and laptops, so I hope you can find the type of computer you’re interested in drawing.

Let’s move on to the drawings now – I hope you like it!

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1. Computer setup drawing

Let’s start drawing a basic desktop computer, with monitor, tower, keyboard and mouse.

Feel free to simplify your drawing just by drawing the monitor and keyboard, for example.

simple drawing on the computer

2. Simple doodle for PC

If you are looking for a simple and easy to draw doodle, here is a simplified drawing of an ink pen.

simple doodle drawing on computer

3. Drawing for laptop

Here’s a cute but simple doodle of a laptop with a smiling face.

easy laptop drawing

4. Retro PC

Here’s a drawing of an old-fashioned retro computer to try.

retro drawing on computer

5. Draw step by step

Here’s a step-by-step drawing tutorial on how to draw a retro-style computer to help make the process a little easier 🙂

drawing on the computer step by step

Here is a close-up of the final drawing on the computer.

drawing on the computer step by step

6. You received the email

Next, let’s draw a side profile of a computer.

I drew this one with an email notification balloon.

mail computer doodle

7. The shooting star

I like to draw stars and space themes in my drawings, so I decided to draw a shooting star by going through the computer screen.

I also think that drawing stars are quite therapeutic for some reason.

computer drawing shooting star

8. Cloud Computer

Here is a drawing I drew from a previous blog post of 22 light drawing ideas in the cloud.

This drawing is actually what inspired me to create this blog post … because I realized that drawing on computers is actually quite fun.

drawing on cloud computer

9. Good world

I wanted to draw another computer with a face, so here it is!

Looks like a robot now 🙂

hello computer drawing world

10. Tech Cat

Here is an adorable drawing of a cat typing on their computer.

cat typing drawing on computer

11. Divoom drawing

Divooms looks like a mini computer, so I decided to draw one for this blog post.

And if you don’t know what Divoom is, here it is on Amazon. A Divoom is a bluetooth speaker that also has a monitor to display pixel graphics.

I don’t have one … yet. I think it’s adorable though and one day I hope I can get one ^^

cute drawing divoom

12. Cool Computer

I like to draw things with sunglasses, so here’s a computer that also wears some shades.

computer monitor sunglasses drawing

13. Broken computer

Here is a drawing of a broken computer with flowers growing around it.

broken computer drawing flowers

14. Laptop Cat

I’ve been watching a lot of videos with cats lately, so let’s draw a cat on a laptop screen.

drawing for cat laptop

15. Typing

Here is a drawing of a girl typing at the computer desk.

girl typing drawing on computer

16. Pink computer

Here’s another interpretation of an old computer, except that I wanted to make it pink.

old retro pink computer drawing

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Thank you so much for switching to this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed the doodles here and that they inspired you to try drawing a computer! Leave a comment or share if you want too!

If you are interested in more drawing ideas, feel free to take a look at the blog for more ideas.

I wish you a wonderful day or night and until next time

Have fun drawing as always!

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